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Design and development of eight product videos

GreenBrook Electrical offer an extensive range of innovative, solution-driven products and electrical accessories, consistently offering a comprehensive service to their network of wholesale distributors and contractors across the United Kingdom.

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What we did

Since its beginnings as a manufacturer of electromechanical relays, GreenBrook Electrical has transformed itself through product development, innovation and strategic acquisition to meet the present and future needs of its customers.

GreenBrook approached us to assist in the development of eight videos.

What We Did

GreenBrook offer a vast range of timers that assist users with a number of different things. They felt it was time to update the format the instructions were in and bring a spark to users.

In order to begin the project it was important for us to first understand the instructions that accompanied each product. We held a briefing session with the technical team at Greenbrook to ensure we had a good understanding of how each product worked.

Before the storyboards for each video were created, our designers spent time simplifying the instructions to make the process far easier to understand. Once this stage was complete, the storyboard process began for the user-friendly how-to videos. It was highly important that each storyboard represented the process of using each product in an easy manner.

Then it was time to create the videos. Using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects, our designers brought the how-to videos to life. The final step in the project was a voiceover – using the simplified instructions, a third-party was engaged to create the voiceover which works seamlessly with each video.


Our designers created eight user-friendly audio visual presentations that simplified the products instructions and made them more accessible to a wider audience.

The videos have since been added to the Toolstation website. Toolstation are one of Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies, with over 300 branches nationwide.