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Ongoing digital marketing management

Gladwins Farm has ten bespoke award-winning family and pet-friendly holiday cottages in Suffolk.

Set in 22 acres of stunning Suffolk countryside, the cottages are eco-friendly and self-catering with a range of amenities including an indoor heated swimming pool, a tennis court and unrivalled access to nature.

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What we did

We have been working closely with Gladwins Farm since 2012, during this time we have assisted in the development of the brand, designed and developed a bespoke website, designed wayfinding for the farm, created printed assets for use in the cottages and managed the ongoing digital marketing.

The Opportunity

As part of digital marketing, we manage monthly paid social advertising campaigns for Gladwins Farm Facebook page. Gladwins Farm has an exceptionally engaged following who are committed to liking, commenting and sharing posts regularly. Building on this allows us to target new audiences and raise awareness of the brand.

Strategy and Objectives

The core objectives for each paid social advertising campaign are:

  • Target new granular audiences
  • Promote Gladwins Farm, the cottages, amenities and special offers
  • Raise and maintain awareness of the Gladwins Farm brand
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Gain bookings


Utilising both boosted posts and Facebook carousels has allowed us to reach over 260,000 Facebook users in the last year. We have increased social engagement, driven targeted users to the website and increased the number of bookings through special offer promotion. Social acquisition accounts for a large percentage of traffic to the website and users are viewing more cottages than ever before.