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Zero Above’s Favourite Christmas Ads for 2019

Excited dragons running riot, imaginary reindeer, Jim Bowen and Mariah Carey pretending to like Walkers Crisps – oh yes, it must be Christmas time once again. 

Naturally, the team here at Zero Above have sat and deliberated on our favourites when it comes to creativity, branding and messaging. As always, such sensitive topics always lead to intense debates, but we managed to consolidate our list to a final 5.

So, here are our favourite Christmas Ads for 2019:

McDonalds – #ReindeerReady

This years ad from the fast-food chain tells the story of a young girl named Ellie and her ‘Reindeer’ companion, Archie. 

The 90-second animated advert takes you on a journey of family feuds, imagination, growing up and, ultimately, togetherness. The element of this campaign that cemented a place on our list was the animation for 90% of the advert before reality in the final moments. 

This alternative reality where the pet reindeer exists portrays the magical, make-believe environment that the nation allows itself to live in at this time of year. When reality strikes at the end of the ad, it shows how the real world that we live in is not all that different from the magic we embrace at Christmas.

Lidl – A Christmas You Can Believe In

For breaking the status quo and giving us a different angle altogether, Lidl have secured a well deserved place on our favourite Christmas Ads list for 2019.

Without a talking carrot, dragon or magic reindeer in sight, the Lidl campaign gives viewers a recognisable, relatable and exciting Christmas feeling with families spending time together. The campaign is built around the notion that the true magic in Christmas is bringing loved ones together, we don’t need gimmicks or extravagant story lines, the reality we live in is magical enough. Lidl have done this perfectly.

The exciting feeling of anticipation ahead of the day, shopping for gifts, decorating the house and sharing a glass of mulled wine with the people you hold dearest to you. Even highlighting imperfections such as make-do seating, cold nights and dark days but in a way that makes us excited for the festivities to come. 

A brilliant job by Lidl that offers a much needed and hugely enjoyable dose of reality to our 2019 list. 

Tesco – #DeliveringChristmas

Not so much reality in the Christmas Ad campaign from Tesco; #DeliveringChristmas, nevertheless, the UK’s largest supermarket have produced one of the most loved and highly rated adverts of the year with this one. 

The campaign involves a delivery driver on his last shift before Christmas travelling back through the last century delivering goods to an array of historic time periods and famous individuals. A brilliantly campaign providing viewers with a wonderful, nostalgia-filled, advert to get the nation in the spirit of Christmas.

This year’s ad ties in with Tesco’s 100th anniversary and takes all viewers back to significant periods of time with visits to Winston Churchill, beloved game show host, Jim Bowen, and a young Queen Elizabeth II. 

This superbly filmed and edited ad has something for everyone and has an abundance of feel-good moments that have been well received across the nation. Without a doubt, Tesco have taken a place on our list for 2019.  

Dog’s Trust – A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

There’s always one isn’t there. This tear-jerker of a campaign from Dog’s Trust is a messaging masterpiece and delivers a harsh but incredibly important message to the United Kingdom over the festive period. 

The annual ads produced by Dog’s Trust are always well planned and impactful. This years ad sees a small animated dog made from old wine corks as the centre of attention at the Christmas dinner table. The dog is loved and admired for the moment in a lovely scene before being cast aside and thrown away with the rest of the Christmas rubbish. A real dog is then picked up from the bin by a member of the Dog’s Trust team in a heartbreaking clip

The Dog’s Trust campaigns are always difficult, trying to make a noise against all of the other feel-good campaigns that are all over our screens at this time of year is a tough task. For this reason, the campaigns have to be engaging, emotional and powerful to achieve their goal and send their message to as many homes in the UK as possible.

2019 is another success for Dog’s Trust. A great idea that was professionally and artistically delivered.

John Lewis & Partners – #ExcitableEdgar

No list would be complete without the inclusion of the Kings of Christmas. 

John Lewis have become the pioneers for the Christmas Advertising season, so much so, that they even released a trailer ahead of their 2019 campaign. 

With movie-standard content, the annual John Lewis advert has become an occasion in its own right following consistent success, year after year. Nevertheless, with all the pressure and anticipation for the campaign every year, creating a narrative to please as many viewers as possible is an enormous task. Having produced ads with hibernating polar bears, happy boxer dogs, friendly monsters even a man on the moon, what could they have in store this year?

Meet Edgar the excitable Dragon.

Why has Edgar made the list? First and foremost he’s absolutely adorable. The story is one of trial and tribulation with the exciting Dragon not feeling as though he belongs having caused chaos across his village all due to his love of Christmas and all other festive activities. 

When all hope seems lost and the world have turned their back on the Dragon, Edgar’s trumpet playing companion, a young girl, gives him one last chance to show the village ‘how much he cares’ using his overly keen, fire breathing capabilities for good. 

A fantastic story that has been developed and displayed impeccably well resulting in yet another Christmas hit for John Lewis. 

Zero Above

And there we have it for 2019, a list of our favourite festive ad campaigns. What do you think, have we missed anything? If you think so, tweet us a link to your favourite ad here or comment on our Facebook page, here. 

From all of the team here at Zero Above, we wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with happiness, laughter and hopefully no excited dragons…