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Zero Above’s Favourite Christmas Ads For 2018

Here we are again, Christmas is just around the corner and we’ve had time to process all of the marketing campaigns that the big players have produced this year. 2018 has proven to be a different year though. No Moz the Monster or boxer dogs from John Lewis and no sign of Sainsbury’s Mog the Cat.

This year, most companies seem to have taken on a deeper, more sentimental style. Instead of having fun and making us all feel Christmassy laughing at a badger who most definitely should not have climbed on a trampoline with a squirrel and a fox, companies have created tearjerkers with a reminder of what the festive period is really all about.

We’re going to take a look at our favourite Christmas ads from this year and explain why they have won the Zero Above team over. So, in no particular order:

John Lewis

Where could be a better place to start than with the kings of the Christmas advert? Since their first mainstream festive advert in 2009, John Lewis has transformed the way Christmas ads are produced and the effort, time and budget that goes into them.

It’s become somewhat of a tradition for families to gather together to watch the mini-movie that John Lewis annually produce. What was it going to be this year? We’ve had cuddly monsters, playful dogs, penguins, a kind hare and lonely snowmen… but 2018 destroyed the status quo.

The advert focuses on the life of the Oscar-winning singer-songwriter, Sir Elton John. The short film takes you on a glorious trip back in time through various musical moments in his life.

The story begins with Sir Elton playing a note on his piano and ends with him playing his very first musical note on the very same piano that was gifted to him on Christmas morning.

The message ‘some gifts are more than just gifts’, emphasises how giving a special gift to someone you love has the potential to change their world. The gift given to a young Elton John quite literally changed the world’s musical landscape.

Granted, the talcum powder you get your aunty probably won’t change the world. But, the message is a powerful one and showcases some real-life Christmas magic that was received well amongst many.


The Heathrow Teddy Bears are back! They find themselves relaxing at Christmas at their more seasoned age in the sun in their home abroad. As lovely as it seems, the older bears appear very lonely as they cannot seem to harness the Christmas spirit.

The lovable bears begin a voyage home to join their family for Christmas where they are greeted with a far more festive home, loved ones all around them and a sense that it now feels like Christmas.

The message in this ad is clear: making it home for Christmas, is what really makes Christmas. Heathrow airport does a fantastic job of amplifying the importance of being with the ones you love at Christmas time and how travel is more important than any gift and just being with the people you love really makes for a wonderful Christmas.

Phil Beastall

Get the tissues at the ready.

Originally created in 2014 at the cost of £50, director, Phil Beastall’s ‘Love is a gift’ video has gone viral this year and captured the hearts of the nation.

Beastall isn’t selling or promote anything, nor is he working with a specific brand. Instead, he articulates a heartbreaking story about how loneliness affects people at Christmas time in the most heartbreaking but heartwarming way possible.

We could go on to describe what happens but there’s no way we could ever do it justice, so take a look at the full video here.

The message is clear. The true meaning of Christmas is almost certainly lost in an abundance of overspending, stress and pressure. Stories like Beastall’s reaffirm what Christmas is all about and irrespective of anything, the best gift you could receive, is love.


Let’s finish on a happy note. The true victor (in our opinion) for the best ‘feel good’ Christmas advert in 2018 was Sainsbury’s. In a Love Actually style, a young girl takes to her school stage to sing for a packed audience of parents and guardians with her mother looking on proudly (and nervously). She overcomes her fears and delivers a sensational performance with a supporting cast of 59 other children.

The advert is heartwarming and brings all the festive cheer you could possibly desire in a Christmas advert. However, we cannot forget about the true star of the show… The Plug!

The child dressed as a plug soars through the air into the make-believe plug socket to cue the turning on of the lights and we’re yet to meet anyone that hasn’t chuckled at first viewing.

Overall this production from Sainsbury’s doesn’t try to change the world but rather make us feel positive and joyous at this time of year, what better way to do it than through a bunch of talented children and some excellent production?

Zero Above

So that’s our list! Have we missed your favourite? If so, let us know on Twitter.

From all of the team here at Zero Above we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!