Welcome To Our New Website

20th April 2017
Welcome Web

We are very pleased to announce the launch of the brand new website for Zero Above.

The continual evolution of web development constantly creates opportunities to update websites with the latest trends, engage with the end user and show your service offering from a new perspective. With this in mind, we have developed our new website, combining simple UX with cutting edge web design and micro-interaction, showcasing the possibility in web design for future projects.

One of the most notable differences between our old and new websites is the vibrant colour palette used across the site. We envisioned a brighter colour arrangement for our new website, settling on bright pink, purple and yellow.

We wanted to gain an insight into consumer reactions and did so by trialling this new colour palette on our freshly designed business cards created by our Head of Creative, Simon Mark Lewis. The business cards received such a positive feedback that the decision to roll it out across the website was made.

From the initial website scope, we wanted to take the mobile first approach, designing the site for the smartphone first and then working our way to desktop. Navigation and ease of browsing had to be strong throughout with quick, easy clicks to relevant pages using our full-screen menu and interactive buttons such as those found on the services pages.

The bespoke website design enables us to demonstrate our in-house web design talent and innovative ideas as well as showcase the work we have carried out for our clients.

Under ‘Our Work’ you’ll see our exciting tile design with interactive features leading to more detailed case studies on our clients Rega, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Lee Stafford Education, Blind Veterans UK, Global Marine Systems and Miller & Middleton. Each case study includes animated key statistics, evidence of the beneficial performance our work has had on our clients. More is to come on that page.

On our services pages you’ll notice a range of page designs, the use of strong graphics and heavy emphasis on key features, we wanted our knowledge and expertise and the high quality of our work to shine through. There are also a number of micro-interactions throughout the site which enhance engagement and the user experience (UX). We have added a radial button to each of our services pages, this smart feature further adds to our intuitively designed navigation, enabling users to access information through a simple click.

Another new feature is the integration of video to our site. The video, which can be found on our ‘About Us’ page, provides an insight into our working environment and shows our team in action. Shot by James Vessey-Miller, you’ll also notice a series of dynamic still images – both candid and formal – of our creative team at Zero Above.

We are exceptionally proud of our new website and hope that you will be as wowed by it as we are.

Olivia Powling

Digital Marketing Executive

Olivia is a member of our digital team. She assists the digital team by executing SEO, SEM and social strategies and creates and deploys fresh content.