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Web Design and Magic – Perception is key

Why do we love magic? We know that magicians don’t actually have magic powers. We know that the things they are doing derive from lightning quick, subtle hand movements or manipulation rather than a supernatural gift that has been attained after an attack from Lord Voldemort.

Yet, even though we are aware of this, billions of people across the planet love magic. For a brief moment, the line between reality and fantasy are blurred and we question everything we know and understand. The key to achieving this euphoric moment is perception. At the perfect angle, it looks as if your chosen card has completely vanished into thin air, right in front of your eyes. From another angle, the card simply rolls around the magicians middle and ring finger and is now concealed by the back of their hand.

So how does a simple ‘back palm vanish’ relate to successful website design? Like with a classic magic trick, the art of designing and building a successful website lies in the art of perception.

More Than One Perspective

Here at Zero Above, our website design and build process revolves around perspective. Our expert designers always implement their vast levels of experience and knowledge when designing a new website, but it is key to design and build for what the target demographic want to see, rather than what we would like.

Of course, there is a classic way of presenting information on a new website. As with magic, having the spectators watch the trick from a classic angle almost guarantees what they see will be enjoyable and the feedback will be positive. Lots of websites also conform to this method of presentation. A standard website that looks good and operates smoothly will never be a bad thing, but this isn’t the only way to do things.

There are different perspectives. Magicians may have the spectators watch from a specific angle so that they can enjoy the effect, but other magicians do not care about the effect as much as they care about the method. They want to see things from a completely different angle. A different perspective that allows them access to different information, engages them in a different way and can be just as, if not more, aesthetically pleasing than the classic angle.

This same theory applies to website design. By understanding the target demographic and what they are looking for when using the website, we will be able to create a site that appeals to their demands through perspective in design. From the user journey to the call to action, we are able to layout the website emphasising specific elements and pieces of content to maximise user experience and conversion rates.

Ever Changing Perspective

Over time, magic tricks have been forced to improve. The premise behind tricks such as the ‘back palm vanish’ has been around for decades, however, the method has changed. By watching other magicians take on different variations on tricks and trying new techniques and perspectives, the trick has evolved from what was a risky finale trick to a simple ‘passing’ technique used constantly by magicians as part of a wider routine.

Again, this correlates directly to website design. By analysing competitors, not necessarily in the same sector as our clients but with a similar target demographic, we are able to develop a website that uses tried and tested philosophies to appeal to a specific audience baked into the core values, beliefs and goals of our clients. By looking back on what we have done and what others are doing, we can continue to generate revolutionary websites that help our clients achieve their goals.

Trial And Error – What not to do!

One of the hardest things to watch is a magic performance that goes wrong. Dropping something that should be hidden, being caught doing some sneaky moves or getting your angles all wrong is something that magicians have all faced at some point. It’s embarrassing, but it helps them to grow and get better.

Again, this applies to website design. Most designers when they are starting out create websites that would make them cringe looking at them now. Sometimes trying to design something garish, ambitious and out there can lead to a less than adequate end result. However, these early experiences help designers to get better and more confident in their field. Here at Zero Above, there is very little that our vastly experienced designers haven’t seen. They know what works and what doesn’t. This expert knowledge can only be achieved through trial and error and learning from mistakes. Taking on board everything that they have seen now means that they are able to create outstanding websites that work perfectly for what the client wants to achieve.

Making People Happy

Ultimately, the goal for magicians and for our design team here at Zero Above is to put smiles on faces. Magic is tough, it requires hours and hours of work for a reward that is by no means guaranteed. Nevertheless, they do it for that unrivalled feeling that occurs from making other people happy.

Similarly, when we design websites here at Zero Above, our ultimate goal is to make you happy. Trying to bring your business to life through website design and help you to reach your business goals creates a fantastic ‘feel good’ atmosphere amongst all the team in the Zero Above studio.

Our Websites

Whilst we might be short on a few magic tricks, you can take a look at our website and check out the brilliant website designs that we have created for some of our clients here at Zero Above.