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All RiZE For ‘A Brand New Festival’

RiZE festival will open their gates for their inaugural music festival in Chelmsford on the 17th August.

The festival will be held at Hylands Park in Chelmsford on the 17th-18th of August and will host headliners Liam Gallagher and Stereophonics, with appearances from stars such as Rag’N’Bone Man, James Bay and Rita Ora all being announced as well.

RiZE Festival was confirmed following an announcement from Festival Republic that V Festival would be rebranded, after Richard Branson confirmed that Virgin would no longer be sponsoring the event following the 2017 festival. However, RiZE has been branded as ‘a brand new festival’.

RiZE are looking to create their own legacy and disassociate themselves with V Festival in fear of being known as “that festival replacing V”.

The first step for RiZE was to unveil the eagerly awaited line-up poster where they would not just be judged on the names of the acts appearing at the festival, but the design of the poster itself.

The poster RiZE released incorporated a bright and engaging colour scheme and tried to reflect the feel-good, party atmosphere that the organisers wish to create with the festival.

The first RiZE festival poster also tries to further the distance between their poster and the infamous V festival posters. For the last decade, V festival made sure the names of the acts appearing were at the forefront of the line-up poster.

With RiZE, the poster places the necessary emphasis on the acts, but also fuses in appealing artwork displaying the main stage, the crowd, the festival ride and the bright colours that have become synonymous with summer music festivals in the UK.

Following the release of the poster, RiZE placed their focus on building excitement and promoting the event through the use of different social media channels.

RiZE, having started from scratch, have managed to accumulate a solid following across the three major social media platforms and average a proportionally high level of engagement with all of their posts.

RiZE currently have over 15,000 followers across the three social platforms already and by partnering with companies such as Radio X, Kiss FM and Carlsberg, their reach is going to grow even more.

The designated hashtag for RiZE is #RiZEFestival and has already been the second highest trend in the UK after the lineup was announced. The hashtag will allow for mass discussion of the event across different social platforms and the organisers festival will be hoping that the hashtag trends again in the UK during and after the event with praise as to how good the ‘brand new’ festival has been.   

Radio X have been particularly active on Twitter and Facebook promoting the festival with a VIP ticket giveaway competition. Kiss FM are also taking part in the giveaway but have not been as active as Radio X on social media specifically as their giveaway is very much based on the on-air breakfast show.

So far in their marketing campaign, RiZE have done well to distance themselves from the V Festival expectations in terms of the way the festival already looks and feels. It is still going to be a tall order to produce a festival that makes people forget about a festival that dominated the same venue and time of year for over 10 years, but RiZE have certainly taken positive steps in creating their own piece of festival history.