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What Makes A Good Brand?

When I meet new people for the first time and explain what I do, I’m often asked  “but what makes a good brand?” There is of course, no simple answer to this and I’ll explain my thoughts on the question below.

It’s always a personal thing

I really believe people click with a brand when they see or feel a connection, something that feels like them or represents similar values to theirs. In simple terms, what does this mean to me? Take the fashion brand Paul Smith who I’ve admired and spent a fortune with for many years! For me, I admire his perseverance to create a very individual brand in his hometown where he opened his first shop, made his own clothes and has expanded from there to a worldwide fan base of admirers. Obviously, the design and unique feel of what his brand represents is inherent in its design. And then the understated signature logo of the brand which has stood the test of time, with sub-brands such as PS and PS Jeans bringing new depth and breadth to the brand.

Know the audience

When I ask clients ‘who is your target audience?’ the reply is often ‘well, everyone really’. This may be the case, but the reality is you will have to focus on a core audience of people. We’re currently working on a new brand extension project for an existing client who is expanding into new markets and following a brand envisioning workshop I facilitated with key stakeholders, we created 2 personas which provided our design team with a strong insight into the things that make these people tick; both the stakeholder and target audience.


Be bold

I see many boring, badly designed logos when I’m out and about and can recognise instantly when a great brand identity has been created with thought, passion and vision. We follow a robust, proven and flexible model to create brands here at Zero Above yet our approach with every client is unique and personal – that’s what makes the difference when you are looking to create something that is going to get your audience’s attention, raise their inquisitivity and get them to click with your brand without hesitation.

To sum up, great brands are created when a skilled and excited team of designers and marketers work together to create a brand with longevity and appeal out there in the world.

  • Research and understand the audience, competition and marketplace
  • Develop unique concepts based on a strong design brief
  • Develop the design to be commercially viable yet iconic
  • Implement the new brand across all assets
  • Reinforce with marketing and invest in a multi-channel integrated launch campaign