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Four Stars Out of Five: The Importance of Customer Feedback and How to Incorporate It

You believe in your business, right? But when it comes to your future buyers they want to know your business, service or product is reliable and trustworthy before they spend their hard earned money. Feedback allows your satisfied customers to step forward and address any questions and objections that fill the minds of your future buyers.

The internet has amplified the importance of customer feedback as consumers now have a reliable tool to research reviews before they make a purchase. So when they see that your customers are buying/trying/enjoying your product, they are more likely to do the same. As your testimonials are built on the words of someone other than yourself, your message is more convincing and also more likely to convert your prospective buyers into regular customers.

Capture your consumer

Success in B2C marketing depends on your ability to connect meaningfully with the consumer mindset, invoking responses that foster shopper trust and confidence. Feedback in the form of product reviews are an essential part of a B2C website as they help to build trust, loyalty and typically describe what sets your business, product or service aside from your competitors.

Bolster your business

Business to business marketing differs greatly from business to consumer marketing. Typically, it is a much longer process and decisions aren’t made on impulse. A great way to introduce customer feedback into your website is to weave it into the journey your users naturally take when visiting your website. For example, a testimonial on a service page with a clear call to action will add credibility to your content.

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