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Foster’s Bringing Back Infamous ‘Good Call’ Ads After A Four-year Absence

Foster’s are preparing to bring the summer back to the UK a little earlier this year by reviving their infamous Good Call campaign starring Australian duo Brad and Dan.

When the adverts were launched in 2010 they were instantly adored by thousands across the UK. The ads feature two Australian agony uncles that provide funny answers to life dilemmas that British people are facing. The humorous campaigns were incredibly successful between 2010 and 2013 as it helped drive 70% sales growth during this period. It even went on to aid Foster’s in becoming the UK’s biggest selling beer brand in supermarkets.

When the campaign was retired in 2015 it caused confusion. However, Foster’s were keen to move in a different direction with different adverts focussing on their new ‘Radler’ brand as well as the traditional lager. At the time, the brand had said that men’s attitudes had shifted from “laid back and carefree” to “a more can-do attitude and of ingenuity.” The switch in the market that saw more of a focus on quality and the provenance of products is said to have left Foster’s having second thoughts about the campaign.

Nevertheless, Nick Casby, senior director for everyday beer at Heineken (Foster’s parent company), said reviving the Good Call campaign was “an easy decision”.

Casby went on to explain: “the humour is very much welcomed at the moment with the world being quite serious and negative. Bringing a bit of refreshing Aussie optimism has done really well with consumers.”

The all-new campaign is said to cost around £6million and was created by adam&eveDDB. The latest edition of Brad and Dan’s life advice sees Harry from Abergavenny in Wales desperate for advice on what beer to serve his “fancy pants” brother-in-law. The advice from the Australian double act is to put Foster’s in an old jam jar and call it something obscure and then he’ll be “as happy as a dingo with two tails”.

While the brand new ad takes a subtle swipe at ‘fancy’ craft beers it is the humour that is packed into a 30-second clip that resonates so well with the UK audience. The ability to be funny, relatable and sell the product is executed perfectly by Foster’s.

Bringing back the Good Call campaign seemed to be a pretty safe bet as extensive research was carried out to see if the adverts would still be popular. The research conducted by Heineken found that the Australian characters scored “really highly” among consumers.

There are several fans of the Australian comedy ads here in the Zero Above studio and we are glad to see the classic pairing of Brad and Dan back together. Let us know what you think about the Good Call campaign, are you happy to have it back on your TV and Radio?

You can check out the latest edition of the ‘Good Call’ campaign here.