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5 Easy Ways To Calm

We consider these first two tools, namely:

  1. Breath – Our breath is our indicator and our anchor. When stress levels rise our breath may shorten, become shallow, we may even find we are holding our breath. These indicators are telling our bodies and brains that we may need to respond to a scenario with our fight, flight, freeze instincts. In reality, this is rarely what’s needed in the situation. Thus, taking conscious control of our breath, and in particular, slowing the outbreath, perhaps with a count that sees the exhalation longer than the inhalation, our body’s natural ability to calm and relax “kicks in” This results in the breath being our anchor to a calmer response that is driving by our “thinking brain”.
  2. Body – Again our physical body becomes prepared to fight, freeze or flee when we sense a reaction to stress or fear. So actually noticing the tensions and physically responding to those tensions by why of stretching and releasing can help the mind and body to pause and
    calm. It’s also important to make sure the workspace meets the individual’s physical needs. Then expanding the toolkit further we can seek to.
  3. Take a regular break – Movement helps stimulate the release of calming neurotransmitters, even gentle movement. But often just a change of scene can help the tensions lighten.
  4. Meditate – Meditation techniques can be just 2 minutes mindfulness practice whereby we tune into the present moment, or a regular longer practice. Mediation in the workplace is feasible especially combined with numbers 1 to 4. There are lots of apps and youtube ideas to peruse. The key is to find something that works for the individual, as
    we all respond differently to techniques
  5. Food – eat regularly to ensure the mind and body are healthily fuelled. It’s okay to snack, but keep the overall daily consumption within appropriate limits that match the individual’s needs. Keeping food as unprocessed and as fresh as possible.

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