The Art of a Creative Workspace

21st July 2017
The Art of a Creative Workspace | Zero Above News

Throughout my career I have worked in many different working environments. During that time I have never really thought too much about the actual workspace I was in, nor the effect the environment had on mine or my colleagues work output.

It never felt particularly important as most employers wanted their employees to work to full capacity. However, over the last ten years I have realised just how important the working environment is and what an impact it can have upon staff.

Last year, Zero Above moved to a new studio. Our previous studio, situated on a farm in the middle of the Essex countryside was a beautiful converted barn in a peaceful and serene setting. However, as our business transformed we began to realise that we had outgrown our space and in a way, our creative output.

Our studio became full of “things” which had a tendency to be put in place “just for now” and still be there six months later. We realised we needed to invest in a bigger space and change the environment that we were working in.

The move to our Earls Colne studio has been fantastic. The studio was designed and built to our exact requirements with particular emphasis on space and light. The internal design has a creative buzz all of its own, with clean lines, modern furniture and the immediate feeling of all our personalities combined in the decor.


The studio has made such a huge difference to the way we work and the way we think. We have the space to break out and brainstorm over projects away from our desks, there are various zones where we’re able to get away from our desks enabling us to clear our minds, help us to focus or enjoy a freshly made coffee. We also enjoy taking advantage of the glorious British summer with our fantastic outdoor meeting space.

No matter what industry you are in, there’s always good reason to create a workspace for productivity and creativity combined. Staff wellbeing is very important to us and as a company we wanted an environment that sparked inspiration and allowed us to push boundaries in what we do, somewhere we are all proud of.

So whether like us, you fill your office with great art, flying Lego ducks or a vase in the shape of a mans head, it’s up to you and your team, but have fun and enjoy it and remember the environment you work in plays a huge part in the success of your staff and your business.  


Michelle Stott

Agency Manager

Michelle is our Agency Manager. She is in charge of the day-to-day running of the agency, organises and manages everyone and their calendars and makes sure all projects are fulfilled in a timely fashion. Her favourite part of working at Zero Above is the diversity. She always has a positive attitude and keeps everyone in the studio smiling. Despite being the Queen of organisation, she is no longer trusted to look after the studio plants.