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Moving Made Easy

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Digital Marketing for Professional Services

Moving Made Easy are an organisation that assists in the house buying process from valuation through to moving. We were engaged to primarily assist in the re-engagement of an email database to their brand and services.

It is estimated that up to 25% of an email database decays every year, which means they either unsubscribe or worse still, take no action whatsoever. This is due to a number of factors such as no longer requiring the companies services, too many emails, incorrectly positioned subject lines and not receiving the messages that are related to their reason for signing up.

For Moving Made Easy, the campaign was to develop their database of ‘unknowns’, entries they had no behavioural information and therefore no precise segmentation. This engagement process is vital as they prepared to launch a large email campaign on the back of a new website and change of service offer.

As this was a consumer focused campaign, a friendly interactive design was created that brought the core functionality of the email to the forefront, a yes or no answer, represented by emoji’s. Subject lines were AB tested to ensure optimal open rates. The result was strong open rates and user interaction, generating fantastic metrics that we were able to segment for the client for future mailing.

Key features

53% interaction rate

AB subject line test optimisation generating 10% more opens

Strong click through activity and email re-opens