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Kent Blaxill

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Digital Marketing for Retail

Kent Blaxill approached us with three key objectives; Raise brand awareness of a new store opening; Drive sales and footfall; Promote their partners Dulux and Purdy

The result was an expertly tailored, united marketing campaign implemented across multiple channels including ad-vans, leaflet door drops, newspaper competitions, email marketing and social media. Over 30 on brand campaign assets including social media, landing pages, advert designs, leaflet designs and email marketing. A targeted total campaign reach of over 300,000 social media users. Detailed campaign analysis and reporting on a weekly basis, with subsequent optimisation.

Our design specialists created engaging imagery behind each campaign that reflected the Kent Blaxill brand and successfully resonated with the target audiences, both consumer and trade. Our digital marketing team deployed seven acutely targeted campaigns across two social platforms, Twitter and Facebook, over a period of two months. During this time, the campaigns were subject to close analysis and frequent optimisation providing maximum results.

To generate the highest campaign reach possible for Kent Blaxill, we supported our digital campaigns with strategic print marketing, completing two door drops based on detailed segmentation of postcode demographics to maintain precise audience targeting as well as securing a feature with the Eastern Daily Press.

Key features

7 digital campaigns tailored to either a consumer or trade audience

A newspaper feature in a major regional paper with a readership of 132,000 and 5 different editions

An increase of 50% to Kent Blaxill’s existing marketing database

20% higher footfall in the first six weeks compared to previous store openings

Over 1,000 conversions across the campaigns in total