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Inkpen Downie
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Digital Marketing for Architects

Inkpen Downie are architects based in Colchester, Essex, but operating across the UK specialising in historical conservation of heritage sites as well as modern commercial projects in both industry and hospitality.

Inkpen Downie’s primary focus for their website is showcasing the scope and dynamism of their architectural projects from a variety of prospectives.

From a digital point of view the User Experience (UX) was paramount to success was defined by flow through the website, web engagement (time on site, bounce rate), entry and exit pages and also how traffic source affected behaviour. Likewise conversions were also tracked through calls and enquiries, with the whole process optimised (CRO) by a series of AB tests and updates to the website.

Following the testing phase homepage updates remained as well as delivering new engaging web design across the project pages and a simpler menu structure and navigation.

All changes maintained and increased visitor engagement, increasing the likelihood of a successful conversion.

Key features

37% decrease in bounce rate

Increase in time on page directly resulting from interactive design on the project pages

Showcase design and development that has been adopted by other clients

Updated navigation and menu structure resulting in an increase in pages viewed per session

Increase in website calls and enquiries trackable from UX and CRO developments